A duplex air compressor, like almost all two stage compressors, has an air tank, electric motor and a pump.
A duplex compressor has two equal sized pumps and motors. For example, a 10 HP duplex air compressor would have two 5 HP air pump and motor units.
The advantages of having two motors and pumps are as follows:

Failure – If one of the pumps or motors was to fail, the operator would still have a working air compressor, all be it producing half the power. This, however, may be enough to keep the business operating whilst spare parts are ordered.

Power Supply limitations – If your business requires a higher powered compressor, ie 10 -15HP and a three phase power supply is not available. Two pump/motor sets on a duplex compressor can be run on single phase electrical supplies to supply the desired power

Air demand – When running some tools, you may not require full air flow, CFM, of say a 15 HP compressor. Occasionally you may then need to run a tool with higher air demand such as a Plasma Cutter. The duplex compressor would only run one motor when a smaller air demand is required and both motors would run when a higher demand is needed.

TBWS are pleased to offer the Fiac Workhorse duplex range of Air Compressors, able to supply 270 or 350 Litres of air. Built in the UK, these compressors feature a 2 year manufacturers warranty. Fiac Workhorse also carry a large back catalogue of spare parts, making for long lifespans through servicing and repairs. As always, for best prices call 01276 505012.

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