WP17 TIG Torch Switch and Sheath
Starparts WP9 TIG Torch – Air Cooled
  • WP9 TIG Torch
  • 4 metre or 8 metre
  • Rigid or Flexi Head
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WP17 TIG Torch Switch and Sheath
Starparts WP17 TIG Torch – Air Cooled
  • WP17 TIG torch
  • 4 or 8m cable lengths
  • Rigid or Flexi Head
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Titanium Jasic
Starparts Titanium WP17 TIG Torch – Air Cooled
  • WP17 TIG torch
  • 4 or 8 Metre
  • Rigid or Flexi Head
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Titanium WP26 TIG torch - Jasic
Starparts Titanium WP26 TIG Torch – Air Cooled
  • WP26 TIG torch
  • 4 or 8 Metre
  • Rigid or Flexi Head
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Basic 2 piece TIG torch
Starparts Basic WP17V TIG Torch – 2 Piece with Manual Gas Valve
  • 2 Piece TIG Torch
  • WP26 with Manual Gas Valve
  • Dinse power connection
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Jasic MIG 200 Synergic MIG Torch
Starparts WP26 TIG Torch to Suit Jasic MIG 200 Synergic
  • Euro connector
  • WP26 Style
  • Suits Jasic MIG 200 Synergic
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Here you will find a range of quality air cooled TIG torches which take Weldcraft® style spares.

A TIG torch can have a big impact on the quality of the weld.  What’s important with the torch is that its suited to the task and comfortable to the user.


Weldcraft® were one of the original TIG torch manufacturers.  Their style soon became popular due to the ease of use and ease of swapping front end consumables.  Now, many manufacturers make their torches in the Weldcraft® style.  These torches have pretty much become an industry standard, with all good welding suppliers keeping spares.  The WP suffix indicates that the torch is a Weldcraft® type.  The number that follows it, indicates its series.  The main ones being the WP9, WP17, WP20 and WP26.


The number of the torch gives a clue to the size of the TIG torch, with a 9 series being the smallest and 26 the biggest.  Its worth considering the size and hence weight of the torch you choose to use.  A WP9 for instance, will get into tighter spaces and be more comfortable to use for long periods due to its weight.  With that said, much like a MIG torch, each size torch has a duty cycle rating.


A smaller torch contains less copper and has a thinner cable, so is lighter.  The effect of that is the torch can handle less current before becoming hot.  Therefore, a WP9 for example is rated to less than a WP26.  So, if welding thicker material using higher amperages a smaller torch may not be suitable as it will overheat during the weld.  On each of the TIG torch product listings, we have included its duty cycle.


There are a number of options available for TIG torch fittings.  The industry standard connection supplied on a torch is a 3/8″ BSP nut.  Many TIG welders though have the Dinse style sockets to connect the torch.  In this case, a dinse power adaptor can be used.  The 3/8″ end of the torch simply tightens onto one side of the adaptor and the dinse plug of the adaptor then plugs into the machine.  Often, a gas hose will come out of the adaptor and plug into the gas connection of the TIG welder.  These can come as a 3/8″ nut again or, as in the case of Jasics, a quick connect push fit termination.

Switch plugs (high frequency plugs) can be specific to the machine brand.  The bare core switch cables supplied with the TIG torches are to be connected to the switch plugs as per the manufacturers instructions.


If you need any help with finding the right TIG torch, or consumables to go with the torch, feel free to email or call and one of our experienced team will be happy to assist.