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Beta Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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  • Auto Darkening
  • Fully Variable Shade 9 – 13
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The Beta auto darkening welding helmet is a premium quality variable shade welding helmet, with a large viewing area and an impact rating suitable for grinding.  When it comes to eye protection, its not worth taking a risk, so investing in a good quality welding helmet is a must for any welder, hobbyist or professional.  The beta range has an exceptionally quick reaction time, which will save your eyes over time, so if you are doing any amount of welding it is worth considering a helmet like this.  Also, unlike cheaper auto helmets, the beta helmets have replaceable components such as front shields, backing lenses, headgear lens holders and batteries.  The availability of replacement parts means this helmet will last.



  • Lightweight shell with high gloss finish
  • Grinding function
  • Premium longitudinal adjust ratchet headgear
  • Sensor:  2 Optical sensors
  • Filter dimensions:  110 x 90 x 10mm
  • Viewing Area:  98 x 46mm
  • Reaction time:  1/20,000s
  • Power:  3V x 2 Battery (CR 2032) Plus solar cell
  • Normal shade:  DIN #3.5
  • Dark shade:  #9 – 13 fully variable
  • Operating temperature:  140ºF (-10º ~ 60ºC)
  • Sensitivity:  Low ~ High
  • Delayed:  Min ~ Max
  • Auto:  On/Off
  • Low Battery Signal:  Light On
  • Weight: 602g
  • Warranty:  18 months

Spare Parts include (Ring for availability):

  • Front Shield:  Order Code BE 002
  • 107 x 51mm Backing lens: Order Code BE004
  • Headgear complete:  Order Code BHG
  • Lens holder (Pair):  Order Code BE 005
  • Battery:  Order Code BE 003

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Weight 0.6 kg

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