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Cebora Evo 160 M Combi; MIG-MAG Compact

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  • Current Range: 28 – 160 Amps
  • Single Phase
  • Weight: 29 Kg


Cebora Evo 160 M Combi; MIG-MAG Compact

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The Cebora EVO 160 M Combi MIG welding power source is renowned for its extraordinary reliability.  Generous sizings for components and sub assemblies coupled with a simple design make for a MIG welder that can be relied upon.

Suitable for vehicle repair, maintenance and small manufacturing industries, the Cebora Evo 160 M is a single phase power source designed for MIG-MAG and flux cored wire welding (5 Kg. coils diameter 200mm).

A “no-gas” option makes it a perfect machine for on-site works where cylinders are inconvenient to use and where weather conditions are a consideration.

7 welding current positions selectable from the power source.


Supplied with a 3 m Cebora torch and with the standard 2 year parts and labour warranty.

Complies with EN 61000-3-12.


Art. 495 Specifications
230V 50/60 Hz
± 10%
Single phase input
16 A Fuse rating (slow blow)
4,6 KVA 20%
2,1 KVA 60%
1,5 KVA 100%
Input power
28A ÷ 160A Min.-max. current that can be obtained in welding
120A 20%
70A 60%
55A 100%
Duty Cycle (10 min.40°C)
According to IEC 60974.1
1×7 Number of regulation steps
0,6/0,8 Solid
0,9 Cored
Wire size that can be used
Ø 200 mm /5 Kg Max. wire spool size
IP 21 S Protection class
29 Kg Weight
395x690x531H Dimensions mm


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