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Cebora Plasma Sound PC 10051/T 400v

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  • Clean Cut Up to 30mm
  • Three Phase
  • Weight: 32 Kg



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CEBORA PLASMA CUTTER; SOUND 10051/T has a recommended thickness, for the best cutting quality and productivity at 30 mm; with the maximum
thickness at 35 mm and the severance thickness at 40 mm.

The three-phase power source provides a The high continuous (85A@100%) and discontinuous (95A@60%) duty
cycle.  Can also be used in the presence of electronics due to the high electromagnetic compatibility and is suitable for use on painted or coated metals thanks to the pilot arc operating mode.

– Automatic detection of phase presence (both upon start-up and during operation), to avoid damaging the machine in case the phase is accidentally missing.
– “Post-gas” function which, by cooling the torch after arc shut-off, reduces stress on the components and extends the life-span of consumables.
– Full-bridge design that allows lower open-circuit voltages
– Central torch adapter with safety protection, to avoid accidental contact with the power parts.
– Explosion-proof protection of the air reducer unit.
– “Pilot self-restart” function selectable from the panel, which interrupts and automatically restarts the arc when cutting nets and grids, increasing operator productivity.
The power source can also be powered by motor-driven generators.

Comes Complete with 6 meter Torch and Earth Lead.




50/60 Hz
± 10%
50/60 Hz
± 10%
Three phase input
32 A 20A Fuse rating (slow blow)
13,6 KVA 35%
11,1 KVA 60%
9,9 KVA 100%
16,5 KVA 50%
15,7 KVA 60%
14,0 KVA 100%
Input power
20A ÷ 80A 20A ÷ 100A Current adjustment range
80A 35%
65A 60%
58A 100%
100A 50%
95A 60%
85A 100%
Duty Cycle (10 min.40°C)
According to IEC 60974.1
ELECTRONIC Stepless regulation
30-35 (40) mm
1”1/8”-1”1/4” (1”-2/3”)
Thickness on steel: Recommended- Max.-(Severance)
6m (18 ft.) Torch length
220 lt/min – 5 bar Air consumption
IP 23 S Protection class
34 Kg Weight

Dimensions mm


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